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The 3rd edition of the best-selling book on boat anchoring, Happy Hooking – the Art of Anchoring has been released

White Seahorse Publishing is pleased to announce the third, expanded edition of the best-selling book on boat anchoring, “Happy Hooking – the Art of Anchoring”. Receiving consistent five-star reviews from verified purchasers on Amazon, the authors and licensed captains, Alex & Daria Blackwell, reworked and updated much of their book. This latest edition includes new gear, new reviews, many new illustrations and much more.

“Anchoring is a subject very close to our hearts,” says Capt. Alex Blackwell. “Not only does confidence in anchoring have important safety implications but sitting in the cockpit on a lovely evening anchored in a spectacularly beautiful location watching the sun set rates up there with the most enjoyable things one can possibly do. We’re always happy to help people achieve that dream.”

When asked why they wrote the book in the first place, Daria explained, “We were asked by members of a prominent yacht club what we did at night while out cruising. When we told them we anchored out, they promptly asked us to do a talk for their membership. In due course, that progressed to speaking in front of a packed auditorium at a major boat show. When members of the audience approached asking to buy our book, we felt compelled to write it.”

Asked to explain why they felt the need to bring out a new edition of their already popular and widely acclaimed book, Alex continues, “Even in a field as mundane (or ‘engaging’) as boat anchoring, there are always improvements, new field tests and new manufacturers. We are always on the lookout for the next big thing. We feel it is our responsibility to ensure these innovations are brought to light and to keep the discussion about safety alive.”

 “There are many new sailors each year wanting to learn what is ‘best practice’ when it comes to anchoring,” Daria adds. “There are also lots of people using outdated or inferior equipment that for the most part came with their boat. They struggle with the equipment and often give up or are just too terrified to sleep well. The introduction of the scoop-type anchors, which made anchoring ever so much easier and safer, is now already decades old. If we can explain how to select and properly deploy various gear, we can make a difference. We hope that, through the book and the online webinars, we’ve helped cruisers get out there confidently and safely while achieving a good night’s sleep.”

Happy Hooking – The Art of Anchoring is available in print and Kindle editions at or through worldwide.

Independent reviews on Amazon:

Happy Hooking is the best book on anchoring techniques and equipment I have found to date - full of practical advice and enjoyable to read as well. Right up to date with all the latest gear.

Anchoring bible - A must to all sailors.

An Essential Learning & Safety Manual. So easy to read and comprehend, full of common-sense advice and tips. Given that personal, crew and boat safety is a major issue in choosing an anchorage and the subsequent anchor setting, this book is a fantastic safety manual on the subject.

Well written and interesting, packed full of good advice. I'll keep it on board for everyday reference. Many thanks to the authors

The book is surprisingly readable and successfully explains many related topics very clearly. Well recommended.

Great Resource. Every boater should have one. Keep it on your boat. Well explained with picture diagrams. We have bought this book for our friends who are novice and experienced boaters.

Excellent book which answers many questions and offers techniques for rookies and experienced boaters alike.

An excellent book. Very detailed and very clear. This book puts it all together nicely and will be reassuring when you start anchoring overnight and more often.

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